It’s 9:02 so we gotta get started! Full agenda, no time to slack.

Never know when you go to a new city if people will come out, but this turnout is amazing. Thanks Pushing Boundaries for their help in getting to a record number of registrations.

Last minute schedule changes are in the insert . . . okay, okay.

u2fp is jumping into social media with both feet. We got twitter experts here, so go trend it up. There will be people all over the world chiming in.

Talking about garage parking vouchers, lunch menu, reception, etc.

We have a terrific group of speakers this year. Busy people carving time to come here is so important . . . but there’s value for them as well to come here and be among people in chairs. The speakers will mostly give a general session presentation, then do some Q and A, then later some breakout sessions where you can ask more questions in an informal setting. This group of speakers is some of the most elite scientists, movers and shakers in the field.

Event supporters . . . we’ve always made this event accessible and available to anybody who wants to be here, and that’s thanks to the people who write checks to make the conference happen. Let’s thank Pushing Boundaries again . . . cheers!

Recognizing u2fp staff for showing up to make this all work, especially Donna Sullivan and Chris Powell, who spend most of their time learning what’s real in research and putting together the science agenda.

Okay, so . . . why are we are?


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