Why Are We Here?

If you’re a scientist, you want to share what you’re working on and you want to talk with others in your field.

If you’re a biotech investor, you might be looking for a therapy that’s going to bring a return.

If you’re a clinician, you’re looking for new things you might use to help your clients.

If you’re paralyzed, you’re here to find out what there is to help you.

People travel thousands of miles, cross oceans, put their health at risk to be here. We have people here from Japan, Australia, Europe, the UK, Canada, as well as every part of the USA.

This conference is a place to be honest. No need to put on a public face. You can share thoughts, feelings, desires, in a very open and honest way. It’s really important to the cure effort to ask each other the hard questions. If you hear that people are recovering bowel, bladder, what does that mean? Is it no more cathing? Is it sensation? Ask those kinds of questions.

If you’re a scientist, ask the people in chairs what’s important to them.

Recently I came across a couple of articles where people spoke publicly about what’s important to them.

Quoting Dan Griffin (from Reeve Foundation): SCI robs me of time. The fact is that paralysis alone will not kill me.

Rachelle Friedman: I’ve been determined to show that we can be happy, but what if doing that diminishes the urgency for a cure? (Rachelle is going to speak here tomorrow.)

So . . . tell the truth here.

Showing a video where people talk plainly about paralysis. “A Conversation about Paralysis” — they have it up on the screens. Very straight up stuff, no effort to hide the reality of this. OH! The credits are up and it was made by Matthew Rodreick, who is a crazy awesome guy & board member of u2fp.

I’ll find a link to this and get it to you . . . it’s 4 or 5 people talking about their injuries, their disabilities.


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