About That Agenda


Here’s what the plan looks like for us visual learners. The blue boxes are all eating/visiting/resting opportunities. There are lots of them on purpose, partly because we can only take in so much information before we need a break and partly because one oSlide1f the reasons for the conference is to connect with one another. If you’re an introvert like me, suck it up. This is important.

The green boxes are science presentations. Some of them will be grueling. All of them will involve powerpoint. If you want to get prepared a little & have the time, go look at the u2fp website where the subject matter is described. Know that there will be the blog almost right away for reference and then (a bit later) video online of every one of these talks, so you don’t need to try to capture what’s said in your own notes unless you want to. The main thing here is to follow along and get your questions together for the breakouts and panels. For those playing along at home, feel free to use the comments box (or twitter) after I post what’s been said to ask your own questions. I’ll try my best to see that they get asked on behalf of us all.

The breakouts are the gray boxes. Super opportunity to be with the scientists, and — just as important — for them to be with you. They all say the same thing after presenting at this conference: meeting with people in chairs motivates them more than anything else. Don’t waste that chance.

That one orange box is for a presentation that will outline the kinds of things that people in chairs can do right now, both to stay healthy and to prepare for the therapies that are coming. Both of the breakouts that follow it will address specific issues from that perspective. How can we push ourselves? How can we push scientists? How can we push insurance companies? How can we push the government to fund more, faster, better?

The golden bars are golden. This will be advocates talking to you. Some of them are in chairs, some have loved ones in chairs. They’re us.