Never Heard of This Conference?

Here’s the history. When Christopher Reeve died (almost exactly 10 years ago), a small group of people who were active at CareCure Community at the time decided to hold a rally in Washington DC. All they really wanted to do was express their sorrow, meet one another, maybe do some gimp drinking, and try to figure out how to keep the idea of a cure from dying.

See, Christopher Reeve was at that point the loudest and proudest advocate for more science. Scientists who knew him will tell you that he was always on them to hurry the hell up. The CareCure people — and lots of others — were worried that without him everything would grind to a halt.

And God knows it was already going oh-so-slow.

Anyway, they had their rally & decided to invent a new thing. They imagined a sort of scientific conference + fun party + advocacy training. They would keep it super cheap. They would find the scientists doing the most interesting work and invite them to give presentations to the people in wheelchairs. They would nurture a core group of activists who would be informed and motivated. And they would have a good time. That group named itself Unite 2 Fight Paralysis.

So, that’s what happened. I started writing a live report of the goings-on in 2007 and have done that every year since. There’s a list of links to all those reports (blogs) over on the right side of this page.

So, there you go. Welcome to the party.