Horses to the Gate

Almost time to start . . . another carpeted “ballroom” with another low ceiling. This year twitter is a THING #w2wseattle is the address of choice if that’s how you roll. The room is filling up!

I see Murray Blackmore, Chet Moritz, Reggie Edgerton, Keith Tansey, and of course the local people from Pushing Boundaries and all our old friends from past working2walk events. And best of all a TON of new faces. They’re turning down the lights.


For Visitors

w2w front cover-01 - Version 2

This is the first time the conference has come to my city, and much as I want to brag it up, there are a couple of things you need to know.

The weather. It will rain, most likely, but not hard. And it won’t be that nasty cold kind of rain — just a nice mild drizzle.

The traffic. It will suck, at least on Friday during the morning and evening commutes. Saturday should be okay. Most people won’t be driving away from the hotel, but if you do, I recommend checking to see how full the roads are if you’re going to be trying to get someplace on time. This is a good link for that.

Those strange blue squares with the number 12 in them that you see hanging all over the place? That’s about the local football team, who will be playing out of town on the day after the conference. We’re kind of crazy about them, maybe you’ve heard.

On the bright side, we’re very nice, mostly because there are so many transplanted Minnesotans here. We have all the coffeeshops you could ever want, and the seafood is amazing.


Six Days Out

It’s Saturday, October 11th, which seems impossible because we just had the middle of September. What? The conference is almost upon us, and here’s what I need to do to get ready for you all.

First, who’s going to be speaking. Can I find images of them? Links to their work? Can I figure out why people should care about their work? Set up some pages so I can publish faster when the conference is actually happening . . .

Actually, that’s not what I’m doing. That would be what an organized, focused person spent her time on, six days out.

What I’m spending my time on now is — this year — special. Because I’m writing a new book, and my new book is going to be a sort of gonzo version of everything I think advocates need to know.

Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative.

Yup, that. I’m writing a book about spinal cord injury research that is both accurate in the reporting sense and personal in the sense that, you know, spinal cord injury is about as personal as you can get, whether it happens to you or to somebody you love.

It happened to somebody I love, for the record.