Not too long ago, a friend of mine suggested that she wished I could write about something besides paralysis. I understood the sentiment — she likes my work but she doesn’t have any particular interest in this world.

Well, gosh.

Let’s have the cure, then, and I’ll move on to other things! In the meantime, here are links to the first couple of books, which are of course about paralysis.

One is a memoir, which is emphatically not in the trauma-porn, oh-you’re-such-an-inspiration genre. It’s just a blow-by-blow about what happened to our family during that excruciating first year post-injury. It’s snarky and honest and sad and kind of brutal, but also funny and sweet and powerful and tender. It’s called Some Things Are Unbreakable, and I don’t imagine I’ll ever write anything to match it.

The other is a narrative about the Working 2 Walk conference that happened in Irvine, California in November, 2012. I wrote that one out of frustration, mostly . . . someone had described being there as like trying to drink from a firehose. The presentations were coming too fast by about a factor of a thousand. So, I wrote a book that took those highly technical presentations one by one and slowed them way down. I added definitions, illustrations, and analogies so that people would be able to take in what they were hearing. That book is called Working 2 Walk 2012.



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