Tricia Lazzar

She’s the Executive Director of Pushing Boundaries — which is an exercise-based therapy organization in Redmond, WA — the only one in the Pacific Northwest. When we started in 2005 we used a lot of different equipment and had only sci clients. And then we started getting people with stroke and ms and all kinds of things. And all of them were benefiting from what they were doing at PB.

What’s great is being able to work hand in hand with some of the best medically based therapy systems. The University of Washington has a terrific OT and PT program, and a lot of our clients come to us through them. She has a slide up with dozens of logos from other exercise-based therapy centers, which exist now all around the USA and the world. Lots of people are here representing those organizations, and many of them got started because they saw another one and went home and got started on their own.

Integrated therapy is what we’re going to talk about for the rest of today . . . Seattle has a resource called Bastyr University, a world class place where you can get outside the realm of western (conventional to us) medicine. Alternative medicine is any of a broad range of healing approaches; any of various systems of healing or treating disease  . . . and integrated therapy is the combination of western + alternative.

This is fairly common here on the west coast, but maybe not so much where everybody else is from. What’s always true is that great medicine is based on great science. Okay, she’s got a list up that she’s calling “short” but it has about 30 items on it, including yoga, chiropractic, pilates, tai chi, biofeedback . . . and people have reported back to her and others in her position that they’ve had results like reduction of stress, reduction of depression, and so on.

I’m asking you guys to think outside the box and consider making changes. But healthcare itself is also changing . . .

Who/what determines how healthy we are? 10% correlated to healthcare, 40% to behavior or biology, and the rest to our environment or social circumstances in which we live or have lived.

The new ACA rules require hospitals to come up with plans to reduce cost while improving health for patients. These include forming what are called Accountable Care Organizations, which ties all kinds of entities together.

She’s describing the breakouts that will be happening for the next hour or so . . .I’ll spare the distant readers.